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Be My Nest (London, 2020) is a book that investigates the relationship between subconscious and domestic spaces; intimacy and those places which allow us to be intimate.

Be My Nest is permeated by a gentle, underlying sense of melancholy that accompanies Jo Fetto’s nests: people, places, communities, ethereal moments that offer empathy and refuge from the hectic pace of everyday life. It’s an ode to their safe spaces; a celebration of the family that gave them life and an homage to the one that have kept them alive.

 Following its launch at Printed Matter in New York on Valentine’s Day 2023, the book has recently been acquired in the collection of NYU and Pratt.

Currently at Donlon Books ,Tenderbooks (London); Printed Matter and Dashwood Books (NYC).

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stickers in collaboration with Ziska for Be My Nest launch on Valentine's Day, February 2023

Printed Matter Inc., New York, USA



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