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Be My Nest (Selected Retailers)

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Be My Nest (London, 2020) is a book that investigates the relationship between humans and domestic spaces; about intimacy and those places which allow us to be intimate.

During our lifetime, we are constantly seeking for a refuge to escape the pace of everyday life: houses and rooms preserve the passing of ourselves and our relationships.

It’s an ode to my safe spaces; a celebration of the family that gave me life and an homage to the one that have kept me alive.

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Currently available only in selected bookstores:

Paris (FR) - Ofr

New York (USA) - Printed Matter Inc.; Dashwood books.

Foreword by Will Ballentyne-Reid

Velvet Hardcover Edition

Gold Leaf Titles on side

220 x 270 mm

Velvet Volume 115g Paper

Date of publishing: 2020

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